Eclipse Lite Languages

April 30, 2008

As part of the Eclipse University Outreach initiative, I have developed plug-ins that allow students to evaluate Scheme and Prolog in Eclipse. A beta version of the Scheme plug-ins is now available. After resolving some licensing issues, the Prolog beta version should be available in June.  You can view the user guides here for both to get a feel for what they can do. You can also download the Scheme plug-ins from the same location. Next up will be a lite version for Java.


Eclipse University Outreach Site

March 13, 2008

As part of the Eclipse University Outreach initiative, I have start a web site based on Moodle that is currently hosted at Carleton University. Check it out at Eclipse University Outreach. Login in as a guest to see the current content. I have videos and PDF files available on different Eclipse topics. The goal is for people to use, provide and promote Eclipse content at the site. Interested? Have material? Please contact me.

EclipseCon University Outreach BOF

March 13, 2008

With the continued growth in the use of Eclipse comes the requirement that more universities, colleges and even high-schools provide education on it. In this BOF, I will talk about a new initiative that has started with the tasks of developing and promoting Eclipse educational content targeted at university and college level students. The goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem of educators and interested people dedicated to these activities. Bring your ideas on what content is already available, what new content we need to develop, and how we can get educators using it.

Grand Ballroom D on Tuesday March 18th, 2008 ,7:30pm.

The Beginning

February 20, 2008

I started my sabbatical at the Eclipse Foundation January 7, 2008, with main goal of starting a University Outreach program that attempts to increase the number of students entering the workforce with experience using Eclipse technology. A secondary goal is to provide university and college lecturers with Eclipse content and have them provide new content back to the program. For completeness, “Eclipse technology” extends beyond an IDE (though this is a great starting point). Ideally, students graduate from university with at least an awareness of the many frameworks, and APIs provided by the various Eclipse projects.